Who are we?

The Outcast Dregs are two comedians from the Gold Coast, Australia. They go by the names of Dalton Whiskey and Chris Begg.

Dalton Whiskey is one of the Gold Coast’s favourite up and coming young comedians. Once bitten by a small horse, Dalton’s observational and often self deprecating jokes are guaranteed to entertain! From unfortunate Tinder experiences to living an anxiety-ridden life, Dalton (not his real name) puts on a show that shouldn’t be missed and is always delightful to catch in action.

Chris Begg is a Gold Coast comedian known for his rapid fire one liners and deadpan delivery. Since starting comedy Chris has performed all around the country including a run at the Sydney Fringe Festival and recording his debut stand up comedy CD. Chris has also written, produced, and performed a television pilot for 31 Digital, as well as numerous short animations.

Dalton Whiskey Chris Begg

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